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DigitalHousing is a website hosting provider located in Los Angeles, California and adjacent Pasadena. Amara Grimes Design is currently redesigning the company’s website and brand. At first blush, DigitalHousing’s reputation as a quiet boutique hosting company with a focus on technical expertise, personalized service and quality appeared to be at a disadvantage to its bigger and better known rivals who offer cheap rock-bottom hosting rates. Cheap rates, however, only become possible with a massive volume of customers — and often at the expense of service. DigitalHousing’s small size allows for highly personalized service (how many hosting companies with whom you can easily arrange coffee with the CEO can you name?!) could clearly be considered a valuable asset to a specific portion of the hosting spectrum. Our branding set out to focus on that niche market seeking more customized and personal attention with our “smaller can be better” campaign.

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