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The Arroyos

The Arroyos is a clinical psychology practice that offers six distinct psychological services. The clinical director requested a website that would steer site visitors and potential patients to the service they sought as quickly and easily as possible. Likewise, The Arroyos wanted to provide prospective patients with the most relevant information for each service as quickly and succinctly as possible — the premise being that visitors seeking services would often be in distress and should not have to waste time hunting for the information they urgently sought. To accomplish this, we designed a “gateway” homepage with six easy to read color-coded links for each of the primary services. In addition, we devised a masthead design that succinctly described the service and provided answers to the three most common questions the practice anticipated for each service — select a question and the page quickly scrolls to the corresponding answer. The site also includes an e-commerce shop for publications, public workshops and other beneficial products.

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